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Katy the Llama by Zombiehorse2
Katy the Llama
I got bored. So I drew myself as a llama. Lol.

Hope you all like :)
Merry Christmas Maxwell! by Zombiehorse2
Merry Christmas Maxwell!
Another Christmas picture for my dear Maxie! I wish all over you a Merry Christmas! Love yah Maxie!

Hope you all like? :)
Merry Christmas Michelle! by Zombiehorse2
Merry Christmas Michelle!
Heyoo! Christmas is around the corner! Seriously its like right there! IT'S DECEMBER 23RD! Lol anyways I made this drawing for a good friend of mine and I really hope she likes it. Merry Christmas my friend!

Hope you all like it? :)
Abducted by Amanteurs by Zombiehorse2
Abducted by Amanteurs
Hello my friends! I have been work on this stupid comic for 4 years now and now I'm just exhausted. I haven't finished colouring because I accidentally resized the drawing making colouring extra difficult. But I did finish drawing the silly comic. I had fun playing around with the styles, I have changed certain things in each panel because of time lapse the characters have change din real life lol. Anyways bare with me and my failure XD

Hope you like it :) 
Mannequin Bride by Zombiehorse2
Mannequin Bride
Climber: Zombiehorse2 what have you done! Why am I in a wedding dress! Oooh~ is that silk ... Wait no I don't like this!

Zombiehorse2: -grinning evilly while taking a photo of Climber and texting Karl- "Guess who needs a groom? XD"

I'm still drawing! Lolz have a Psychopathic day! Hoping you all like it?!
The New "SEXY" Hot Guy
 Michelle stuck out her tongue as she carefully sketched some lines for art class. She positioned her pencil as she thinned her lines of her drawing. She smiled happily when she stood up and looked over her drawing, the drawing was a pencil version of a certain powerful psychic Pokémon. [Ahem ... MEWTWO!]. She giggled to herself as she pictured herself in his arms {Yes, she was daydreaming AGAIN!}. Michelle sat back down as she looked across the table at her best friend Katy who was fiercely scribbling down lines. Michelle slowly and cautiously leaned over the table and peered at her friends artwork. She barely stifled a laugh as she identified a pine tree attached to a certain persons favourite Pokémon [SCEPTILE OF COURSE!]. Katy lifted her lead chalked face as she glared at her laughing friend. She put a lead covered hand on her cheek as she waited for her friend to stop laughing, her eyes rolled to the clock absentmindedly. Michelle finally stopped laughing as she coughed and wiped sweat from her brow. "Wooo ..." Her eyes flew to her skull as she chuckled and took strong breaths in. "Girl you love that Pokémon!" Katy rolled her eyes before laughing herself, "Yah!, sort of like your love for Mewtwo huh?" Michelle quickly stopped laughing and blushed slightly, she rubbed some lead off on her forehead in a clear swipe. Both girls stopped laughing once their teacher came up and slammed her fists down between them and stared at their artwork judgingly. Brunette and Chestnut stopped talking and continued on their artwork.

Katy added the finishing colours to her Sceptile as she coloured it's tail carefully, she sighed in relief as she sat back and admired her work. Her Sceptile stood out in his vibrant masculine green skin, his red additions glistening in all their glory. What really took the cake was his golden reptilian eyes, they truly captured his reptile side. But what made Sceptile so interesting was the pine tree attached to his rear, for balance and stability. The two scep leaves that were placed on his arms gave him his powerful moves. His legs were curved yet powerful similar to a Velociraptor's legs. Katy smiled to herself, she wiped away sweat from her brow and began putting away her things. She checked the clock and saw that she had five minutes to clean up before heading to lunch.

Michelle stared at two pencil crayons in frustration. she lifted them to her eye level as she scanned the two purples. Grumbling to herself she tried to differ the two similar colours for her picture. She growled before stomping around the table to Katy who was cleaning up. "Katy?" Michelle asked tiredly. Katy turned to face her friend as she smiled gently "Yes Michelle?" Michelle sighed in defeat. "Which of these two purples is the right kind of purple for Mewtwo?" Katy blinked as she let the question sink in. She then looked down to the two colours she was holding and quickly made her decision. She pointed to the left. "The purple to the left is a soft Lilac, that purple would be useful for Mewtwo's fur coat." Katy then pointed to the right purple. "The purple to the right is a medium Onix, that purple would work for Mewtwo's tail." Michelle stared at the two colours before shrugging and turning around to walk back to her picture. 

Katy, Michelle, and Sam both laughed as the three walked from their class rooms to their lockers. The girls put away their books and grabbed their lunches in a hurry as they all met up by the staircase. Michelle seemed to bounce impatiently "Come on you guys, I'm hungry I could even eat a .... a?" Sam piped in. "A Hippopotamus?" Michelle smiled and nodded her head quickly. "Yah exactly a Hippopotamus!" Katy rolled her eyes before laughing lightly, Michelle was always quite perky especially right before lunch. Katy, Sam and Michelle ran down the staircase in a flurry as they reached the cafeteria first. Sam directed the three to a table to the far back near a dark corner [OF COURSE!] The three girls opened their lunch bags and dug in as the rest of the school came in.

In front of the high school stood a young man dressed in dark shades, he looked over his new high school and whistled. "Nice place ... Big and open, just the way I like it. He took a deep breath as he opened the front doors and entered the school. His green eyes sparkled as he took in his new surroundings. He turned his head when he heard noises coming from a large auditorium. He approached and walked through as he saw hundreds of teenagers all gathered and chattering and eating together. He stroked his small beard thoughtfully as he looked over the large auditorium. He shivered as he remembered his old high school, he didn't want to remember then. He lost conciseness as his world turned into a blur as he fell to the concrete floor. The auditorium flurried with screams and yells as people got up to surround his out cold body. Before the strange boy fell into his cold memories a single voice caught his attention before he blinked out. "Gah! Somebody help!" He looked up to see a strange Chestnut grab a hold of his body and cringe at his state. He lost conscience.

Michael POV:
My mind blurred with shadowy images as I blinked my eyes open, my vision was hazy as I sat up. I looked around me to see blurry shapes and lines as I stood. I scratched my head as I tried to figure out where I was. "What? What happened? Where am I?" That's when I heard a soothing and calm voice enter my eardrums. "There, there now my child, everything will be alright." I closed my eyes as I listened to the calming voice. I felt tears prick my eyes as memories flooded my mind "Mother ...." That's when a sudden flash blinded me sending me flying back as I cried out in pain. I tried to stand but something kept me down as I flailed helplessly. Her voice shushed me. "Michael oh my poor little baby Mother is here, don't cry love." I then calmed instantly and opened my eyes to look upwards at a very tall yet beautiful women. She smiled at me reassuringly. I knew that women "Momma..?" She picked me up and cradled me close. I remembered this moment years ago. I was only four when I had a nightmare and tumbled from my bed. I had knocked my head on my dresser and woke up in tears. Mother had rushed in to help.

My mind rushed again as my world changed to a small room. I was this time floating in the air and looking down at a younger me. "I look so scared ...?" I watched as the small boy flailed strongly as a small toy lay broken at his feet. "Aw I remember this ... I accidentally broke it when I fell on it." I began to feel bad as the kid began to cry in vain. "I loved that toy." That's when something caught my eye, the curtains. I watched in disbelief as a small flicker of flames arose from the small boys finger tips and burned to curtains. It started small at first but the flame soon began to expand as in minutes the room was completely engulfed in flames.

I shook my head as the memory left my mind and I was left alone again. I yelped as another image entered my head. Instead of the shadowy, dark memories before this one was pleasant. I heard a welcoming voice of a girl I once knew, a special girl I once knew. Her name was Emily, she was blond with beautiful blue eyes. Her face popped up as I saw myself and her cuddling on a bench under a street light. I felt sadness as I listened in to the two. "But what do you mean your moving away?" I heard myself say as he looked angry and hurt. The blond haired girl seemed to smile sadly as she hugged me closer. "I know it will be heard since were moving to a different country, but we can still talk on the phone and text each other." I seemed to sadden even more as I looked down to the ground. "B-but it won't be the same, I mean ... you ..." She quickly grabbed my face and kissed my lips tenderly. She smiled cutely as once again she had control. "I promise I'll visit whenever I can, it won't be so bad. At least well always have each other, right?" I seemed to brighten a little as I nodded before kissing her once again. We stood up together as I walked her home my arm laced around her waist. 

I watched in tears as my girl gave me one last kiss goodbye and boarded the plane. I knew she would always love me and come back someday, but it still hurt. A few months passed as I received letter from Emily once every few weeks. I was glad to hear she had made excellent progress in school and was top of her class. I wasn't too happy when I heard she had been bullied, but she said she had everything under control. About a year later I still had not seen my beloved, but one letter still today haunts me. I had received a letter from her parents that their was an accident. I had read the letter quickly but the words seemed to stall to my discomfort. The letter had indicated that Emily had stayed late at her schools kindergarten class to help out. But one of the bullies had followed and had set off a gasoline can in the hallways and shot it with a revolver. The fire had spread to the classrooms including my loves. She had made sure to rescue all the children but during her escape she had been trapped by a loose beam and her body was victim to the flames.

Her death had made a huge impact on my heart, I never did forget. That night that I read that letter and gone to sleep I had received terrible nightmares. Every one had my Emily rushing to rescue the last child from under the fallen ceiling. Her throwing the small child to the safety of the outdoors then screaming as a fallen beam pushed her to the ground and dying beneath the flames. I had always awaken to a cold sweat as tears always fell from my haunted eyes. Thanks to those nightmares my condition grew to dangerous ends, those "sparks" that had erupted from my fingertips had grew to large deadly flames. Those flames only began unbearable when I always woke up to yelling and shooting fire beams around me. Even the FBI tried to tame me, running at me with painful weapons. But I always escaped, and that's why I am here. At this high school, where my fallen angel had been educated. Now I must learn to survive in a new environment and new people. 

But I knew that I was a very deadly target for the FBI and Genetic labs. So I needed to learn to control my abilities, to be able to make myself look "normal." It wasn't going to be easy, I bought a small townhouse by the outskirts of the city. I manage to get by with my parents will. My father had left my mother when I was 2. Apparently according to my mother he thought I was a freak and refused to help care for me, and wanted nothing to do with me. My mother had been one of the most important people in my life besides Emily. She had cared for me even thought I was different. Unfortunately my mother had passed just last year, she had been murdered by the FBI. They wanted information on my whereabouts and she had refused to tell them anything. They had punished her brutally by burning her body with a new chemical that would burn through her body painfully yet efficiently. It would seem that flames would haunt me forever, that is why I cannot control my abilities.

But years before I joined this high school I had physically and mentally build myself. My pain may never decrease but at least I can learn to control my abilities. I was tough at first, I needed to learn to control my fury after I had experience a nightmare. I had almost lost control one night as I flailed and my room was scorched in flames but after a few minutes I realised that the flame only seemed to spark when I felt anger and fear. Once I calmed down the flames began to die down and I was able to control them more efficiently. Now I can control them as long as I'm calm, but I must work harder if I wish to fully control my powers. Tomorrow was my first day of high school. I'd better get some sleep. Little did I know that this place would change me .... forever.
The school nurse hurried to and fro as she checked the young man all over. She checked his pulse and check for any signs of fever. Three girls watched from a glass window as the middle aged women did her checkup. One looked concerned, one worried, and ... one was on her phone. Katy and Michelle looked over at Sam who was texting. "Sam really?!" Katy whispered. Sam looked up as she smiled awkwardly, before shrugging. "Eh he'll be fine. The guys got heart." Michelle looked at Sam like she had two heads. She then shook her head as she looked back at the unconsciousness boy. She peered closer till her face was nearly smudged against the glass. She took in all the guys features as his face began to cringe slightly. "He looks so peaceful, lying there looking "cute" *wait WHAT!* Michele shook her head furiously as she looked at the guy again, this time his face seemed to glow .... there were angels and singing and ... Michelle slapped herself as she couldn't get the blush off her face. She yelped slightly when she felt a sold hand grasp her shoulder as she turned around.

Her nurses soft and welcoming face calmed her as she pointed to the clock that struck 11:30 am. She huffed when she saw that she and her friends were 10 minutes late for class. Michelle began walking towards the door as Sam followed still texting. She then looked over at Katy expectantly "Katy? you coming?" Katy blinked before nodding them off. "I'll catch you two later, I need to do something first." Katy mumbled something to herself as she whispered something to the nurse who nodded her head and opened the recovery room for her. Sam and Michelle looked at each other before shrugging and exited the room. Michelle thought to herself "I'll figure out more about you mysterious boy, if it's the last thing I ever do." They both headed back to their lockers and retrieved there things before heading for their next class.

Katy approached the unconscious boy as she pulled a stool and sat next to the boy. She lifted a shaken hand and placed it on his face gently. The nurse had walked by and watched carefully as the student checked for any signs of life of the boy. She sighed as her only response was a heartbeat. His breathing seemed even and his blood pressure was fine. "You should wake up soon..." Katy said to the sleepy boy as she looked over his body. When the strange boy had fainted Katy and her friends had lifted the muscular boy to the nurses office. The nurse had removed most of his clothing besides his pants and undershirt. His coat had been hung beside the bed as the room seemed to turn on it's own. Katy groaned as she buried her head in her arms as she listened for any signs when he would wake up. Katy was just an ordinary student but she was always concerned for everybody that ever came to this high school. Once she had witnessed the dark brunette hid the floor she was at his side in an instant. Although Katy had saw that her chestnut friend had taken most interest in his wellbeing. While the nurse was trying to stabilize his body she had his head in her lap as she stroked his hair with gentle hands. Katy stared at her friend in disbelief, she face palmed.

Now that Katy was alone with the boy she was able to look more closely at his features without gaining suspicion from her friends. She narrowed her eyes as she leaned in on the guy carefully. She squeaked when suddenly he shot up and clashed his head with hers as both fell from their positions and laid dizzy on the floor. The dark brunette sat up as he glared at Katy before growling "Hey! What do you think your doing leaning in like that?" Katy moaned in pain as she slowly sat up and stared at the boy in worry. "Hey now, don't try to move, you'll hurt yourself." She tried to stand but she fell onto her knees. The boy stared at her in disbelief before his face turned to concern when he saw a trickle of blood fall from her brow. He kneeled to her level as he lifted her face to look at her features. He cringed when he saw a small gash above her eyebrow and bit his lip in guilt. "You're bleeding ..." Katy blinked before smiling reassuringly. "I-I'm fine ... really..." Brunette lifted the girl onto the cotton table as he looked for a swab to clean the wound. He jumped when the nurse came running in from the commotion and ran to check Katy's brow. She looked over at him accusingly. "You should be better now.... please leave for class, boy." He flinched at the words and reluctantly left the office. 

Michael drooped his head as he wandered the empty halls. He thought back to the female brunette. She seemed so kind yet he had to go and give her an injury. But his mind swapped back to a strange chestnut girl. She seemed so mysterious yet exotic. He shook his head as he quickly walked in the school's library. He looked through the isles and he picked a book and sat down tiredly. He yawned before thinking about his situation.

This was definitely going to be one long year ....     


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I have been drawing for years and one day I hope to be a professional artist.

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